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New Stone Homes and Additions

Getting the best of both worlds could be the best description for new stone homes with additions. Dwellers of the house can get a piece of the warm past and a piece of the exciting present and future.

Why are Stone Homes with Additions Attractive?

Stone homes with additions are becoming more attractive these days because first, it is economical. Instead of building a house from scratch, owners together with their architects can vision a home that retains the old stone house and adding only a new space or details. Stone homes with additions are environment friendly. Imagine all the energy you can save by simply restoring an old one and not demolishing an old one and rebuilding anew. This saves energy and materials. The energy save from putting down an old stone house can be redirected to revamping it and adding a more modern area of the house. Stone homes with additions are unique and simply beautiful. It shows the creativity and vision of the owner and the architect. Stone homes with addition are not rare these days but the originality of the additions to the house can be surprising for each design. At the end of the day, all output are fine-looking.

What are the best additions for Stone Homes?

The most common addition for old stone houses is glass. Glass provides a modern touch to the rough and traditional look of a stone house. Another common addition to old stone houses is the wood element. Wood provides a complement to the natural look of the house. Timber is also a good modern element. Steel can also provide a more modern touch to your old stone house. Steel embodies boldness and being strong. These different materials could also be mixed together to get a different appeal and a more modern vibe. Imagination is the limit. Additions may also be exterior of the stone house or inside. Here are some ideas for your new stone house additions:

  • Art Room with glass addition
  • Living room with glass addition
  • Kitchen and dining room with glass addition
  • Office space with glass addition
  • Wood as roof for your car park addition
  • Wood for your porch addition
  • Wood for your garden addition
  • Wood pool decks addition
  • Wood living room and roof terrace addition
  • Steel for a bachelor’s pad addition
  • Steel for steel works room addition
  • Factory-made fireplace addition
  • Wood and glass boutique addition

Imagination is really the limit. New stone houses addition can be as simple as an art room or as grand as a complete house with a bridge connecting to the stone house. What people these days should have is the appreciation of old stone houses and the mind to envision a more modern one without demolishing what was already built. L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry offers stone works building and restoration. If you have any inquiries or you need help in planning, feel free to send us a message.

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