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Human beings’ discovery of fire is a game changer because it enabled people to cook, to stay warm, to innovate hunting tools, to protect themselves from predators or to convene around it as a community. The importance of fire hasn’t changed until today. At home, people still retained fireplaces to stay warm and build memories as they sit around it.

Different Kinds of Fireplaces

There are two basic fireplace types: masonry fireplaces and factory-made fireplaces

  • Masonry Fireplace

    A masonry fireplace is made of bricks, stones and different mortar materials. Its strength relies on the masons building it and the architect of the house.
    • Advantages of Masonry Fireplace It is a more traditional type of fireplace, and many people still choose masonry fireplace because of its durability. Masonry fireplaces can last a lifetime, and they are also aesthetic. Its design of authentic stones and bricks bring warmth, literally and figuratively. To ensure that your masonry fireplace would last long, it is important to keep the crown in good condition to ensure protection from water coming from the rain and snow. The refractory mortar is also something to check from time to time to ensure that fire is properly contained. Sweeping of accumulate soot is basic. Masonry fireplace is composed of a foundation, ash dump, hearth, firebox, damper, lintel, smoke shelf, smoke chamber, flue and mortar crown.

    • Disadvantages of Masonry Fireplace Because this kind of fireplace lasts a lifetime and its design is built in together with the house, it will stay as is until you decide to reinvent your house as a whole.

  • Factory-made Fireplace

    Factory-made fireplace became famous in the 1960s, and it is more commonly used in modern homes nowadays. Some variations of factory-made fireplace is a freestanding fireplace, glass fireplace and steel fireplace.
    • Advantages of Factory-made Fireplace This type of fireplace is perfected, engineered and tested inside a factory. Factory-made fireplaces are engineered to be readily installed anywhere in the house anytime. Clear out a specific place in your house where you plan to install and, and it can be done quickly. Its design is also easily customized because different materials can be used.

    • Disadvantages of Factory-made Fireplace One thing to remember about factory-made fireplaces is that models change every now and then. There are a wide range of designs, and these can be upgraded or phased out, so when repairs are needed, it may be difficult to find pieces for your fireplace. A factory-made fireplace is composed of a hearth, fireplace, chimney, firestop, flashing and chimney gap.

Choosing between Masonry Fireplace and Factory-made Fireplace

Choosing which fireplace you’ll have in your future house really depends on your goal as a user. If you want a more traditional one which brings you back in time every time you light it, choose masonry fireplace. If you want your home to look more modern, and you renovate periodically, choose factory-made fireplace as they are easy to install and easy to remove. L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry offers fireplace and chimney stone works building and restoration. If you have any inquiries, feel free to send us a message.

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