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Something About Us

Art, history, craftsmanship and hard work are only some of the words to describe the services we offer here at L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry.

For 35 years, we have built stone homes in the suburbs of Philadelphia and given stone masonry services in Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties. We build our clients’ dream houses one stone work at a time.

Our Services

Art and history. L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry specializes in historical restoration. We help in maintaining historical sites through our stone restoration services. If you are aiming for old stone houses, historical stone buildings and historical sites to be restored, we can also get it done.  

We aid in taking people back to history because we ensure that buildings and objects of the past are maintained. Communicate to us whether the restoration is for preservation, rehabilitation, restoration or reconstruction, and we’ll provide you our methods that will work for your goals best.

Craftsmanship and hard work. L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry masons are experts given our years of training. We provide stone handiwork if you are building from scratch. We ensure aesthetics are achieved as every stone is a handpicked of our masons. Every shape and crooked sides add to the beauty and authenticity of the building. As you walk to stone patios or sit in the comfort of your stone home, the stone works give you an ambiance from a warm past.

Our work was featured in the Countrylines Magazine in an article entitled “A Home to be Discovered: Chadds Ford Architect John Miller creates a Provencal dream house on the Pickering Creek.” 

In this article, you’ll read that we have provided stone works for Architect John Milner. We aided in making a dream house come into life in a 40-acre land in Chester County. The owners envisioned a stone home, like the ones in Europe. They wanted five bedrooms and huge spaces for family gatherings, arches and courtyards. 

Through the help or our dedicated masons, this vision is now a home to a satisfied family. It was mentioned in the articles that our masons would spend their weekdays in the county and go home only on weekends. All efforts were worth it because the house owners’ vision of building a Provencal country home came to life.

What we offer. L&L Restoration and Stone Masonry specializes in construction and restoration of exterior and interior brick and stone houses, barns and buildings through matching mortar colors, matching stone work to existing walls and more. 

Our interior services include brick inset, stone fireplace, stone retaining walls, attractive hardscapes, limestone steps for spiral staircase, stone shower rooms and more

Our exterior services include stone pillar deck support, outdoor stone patio, outdoor fireplace, new stone homes, flagstone patio with stone walls, ruin walls, circular flagstone steps, jacuzzi waterfall pool deck, stone pool decks and more.

We are looking forward to building more stone homes and maintaining historical stone sites for another 35 years or more. Feel free to send us a message if you have any inquiries.

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More than 35 years of proven amazing works of stone restoration and masonry.

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Craftsmanship, hardwork, good work ethics, value our customer's input, transparency and dedicated to our client's satisfaction

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